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The JHU Office of Finance Monthly Newsletter is published by University Administration to keep the JHU community informed regarding business processes and issues relevant to the administration of University business.

If you are not currently receiving this monthly Newsletter via email, and would like to subscribe to the mailing list, you may now do so through one of the following two methods listed below:

Method 1.
Use the Hopkins Mailing List Service Web Application.

1. Follow this URL to the Johns Hopkins Mailing List Service web application.
2. Navigate to the Login Screen and login with your JHED ID.
3. Search for “admin-bulletin”.
4. Click on “[email protected]” in the search results.
5. Scroll toward the bottom of the page and click on “Subscribe”, which is under “List Operations” on the left-hand side.

Method 2.
Send an Email to the Mailing List Service.

1. Send electronic mail to [email protected]
2. In the subject line, type subscribe admin-bulletin first name last name
For example: subscribe admin-bulletin Joe Smith
3. Do not add any other text or your signature.