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Many historical financial documents are under the stewardship of the JHU Finance office and are available through the JHU Financial Systems Administration (FSA) department.

The Legacy Archive Data is a web-based tool that provides users with the ability to research historical financial data previously stored in JHU Mainframe services. The Legacy Application includes sponsored transaction detail from CUFS, Accounts Payable check detail, and purchase order information. Limited access to Payroll and Benefits data is also stored in the Legacy Application.

Digital storage (Cold Storage) systems include Datastore and ALVA.

Digital storage (Cold Storage) systems include Datastore and ALVA.

  • Datastore system – contains the following reports for the FY2002 through FY2006 periods.
    • Balance Sheets (FFS450A)
    • Trial Balances (FSA614)
    • Revenue and Expenditure Statements (910,911)
    • Transaction Detail (FS941A)
    • Payroll Distribution (FS912)
    • Endowment Summary (FS624.A)
    • EB15 (PR735A)
    • ESAL, EDEM, ENTL (PR1135A)
    • ESUP (PR835A)
  • ALVA system – Contains primarily the same documents as Datastore but for FY1996 through FY2001

MicroFiche and Paper Documents – statements and payroll information is available. These items are archived at Iron Mountain and requests for information are handled by FSA.

Please use this link for access to the Legacy Application or to request historical documents from cold storage or Iron Mountain.