1. Fill out the Online Notification Form below to let us know about your plans.
  2. When you complete and submit the form, a customized sample letter of instruction will be generated to use for initiating your gift with your broker.
  3. Contact your broker to learn about their procedures for your transfer.
  4. Send the letter of instruction to your broker according to his or her guidelines.
  5. Your broker completes the transaction with the Johns Hopkins broker that you selected.
  6. Your gift is complete and is valued on the date that Johns Hopkins receives the transaction into their brokerage account.

Please note that this form should not be used for restricted stock or stock traded on non-U.S. markets; or for transfer of physical stock certificates, bonds, or mutual funds. To make such gifts, or if your gift involves special considerations or instructions, please contact Brianna Blair in the Office of Gift Planning at 410-516-7954 or e-mail securitygifts@jhu.edu

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